Sony handycam no sound playback

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Sony DCR TRV130 No Playback Repair

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Sony Hi8 8mm CCD-TRV Handycam Video Camcorder Player *WARRANTY* | eBay

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Sony handycam reset button

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Face Index. Highlight Playback. Movie Quality. Film Roll Index. Direct Copy. I have changed Cassettes, I tried with cleaning tape, I have pressed reset, but I could not solve the Problem. I was desperate so I did it. I could not believe that I fix it. Thank you very much.

After reading many threads on this matter , I finally found this very helpful info. I did what what it said and after carefully smaking the tape side of the camcorder unit with my hand 1 time with it turned off , I powered it up and pressed play and it now works as designed. I really appreciate those who share this kind of helpful information like this. Thanks again for caring to help others with your knowledge, John F. John, you are my hero.

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Our family's 10 years memory got back! My old Sony Handycam video Hi8 got this playback problem. It will play 2 to 10 seconds and then stop and give me beeping noises. I turned off my camera, gave it a few hard whacks and turned it back on. Now it plays perfectly. Been there already and know how to fix your camcorder. I have the same one and also had exactly the same problem.

Sony handycam no sound playback

I fixed it at someone else's suggestion of slapping the right side side opposite the LCD of the camcorder when the tape is in place. Whack it sort of hard about 3 or 4 times. It apparently jars something inside and the problem should be gone. I can't believe a couple of hard knocks to my camcorder solved the problem. I was ready to buy a new one. I wonder does it work on anything else. Thanks to the two of you who took the time to post this ridiculous but life saving solution!

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